Accents and Dialects…

I’ve always loved making funny voices, so when I started acting, accents and dialects seemed like a skill I should try. I recently got this book, “Accents and Dialects for Stage and Screen” by Paul Meier, to really cement my skills in the hope of becoming a dialect coach someday. Come see me in Crazy For You at Villanova University where I will be doing a British accent playing the role of Eugene Fodor.

Over the years, I have worked with coaches in various productions to do British, Irish, and Maine accents, while also learning IPA. With those two skills, this book makes it easy to pick up a new accent or dialect with ease. I highly recommend it. These skills really do increase your marketability as an actor. To pick up a copy of “Accents and Dialects for Stage and Screen” by Paul Meier, go here!

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