Tag: Props Master

Here’s a list of shows where I was the Props Master or designer.

  • I am a Designer!

    I never really set out to be a designer, but once I started making costumes and props for shows, I just couldn’t stop. I use as much of my technical background as possible when it comes to being a designer. I love using technology to solve problems and create automated processes. Below are some pictures of the variety of things I have designed. Also, check out Amanda Playwythe to see the clothing I design making sure to be inclusive for plus sized men!

  • Designing Collapsible Vases!

    Several years ago, I helped the fabulous Sandy O from Creative Juice Group by designing and building these Collapsible Vases for an event! Click here to check out my other post about Creative Juice Group and Sandy’s amazing work!

    They were designed to have a person inside dressed as a living flower who would hand out hors d’oeuvres or champagne. This was all Sandy’s idea of course. However, she needed them to be collapsible to fit in her car. So, as you can see from the pictures, the vases were designed in parts that clamped together on the inside using hardware. Sandy, of course, provided the faux stone finish.

  • Hookman Student Performance

    While a student at Villanova University, I was asked to create and manage props for the student production of “Hookman” by Lauren Yee. This show required many props that could be borrowed from the Villanova Theatre props storage as well as many rather unique props that had to be made. Below are some of the interesting props I had to fabricate. To grab a copy of this amazing play, click here!

  • Votes for Women

    Votes for Women

    After working with Beacon Theatre Productions for 2 shows, I was asked to be the assistant stage manager and provide props for an “enhanced” staged reading of 2 plays, The Trial of Susan B Anthony and Letters to Aunt Hattie. I made a bunch of interesting items for use during the performance including a giant cardboard bicycle. Check out the pics below for more examples of props! Check out Beacon’s Votes for Women pages by going here!