Freud’s Last Session with Beacon Theatre Productions

In 2018, I was cast as C. S. Lewis in Beacon Theatre Productions‘ “Freud’s Last Session.” During this production, I worked with a vocal coach to perform my role with a British accent. At the time, this 2 person, 70+ minute show was the most challenging role I had ever attempted. I was thrilled to work with such a wonderful cast and crew under the direction of Georgina Bard.

This fantastic 2 person play seems very poignant in today’s political atmosphere. Lewis and Freud take on some of history’s toughest questions as they debate the role of religion in government and the morality surrounding war. This play is being made into a movie this year, though I believe they are not sticking to the 2 person format. To grab a copy of Freud’s Last Session, go here.

For more information about Freud’s Last Session, go here.

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